Bent Oak Church is Moving

Many of you know that for the past year, we have been looking for a new place to meet. The OC has been great, but a lack of adequate kids space has consistently created challenges.

The board has been considering various options. A few weeks ago we were presented with the opportunity to meet at the Pregnancy Care Center. They have a set of large classrooms on their first floor available. We would be given our own key and have the facility completely to ourselves. There are two rooms that can be used for kids, and a kitchen that would allow us to bring in food and coffee. There is also storage space we can use.

One of the additional benefits is helping to fund a ministry that is important to so many of us. Rent will be cheaper than what we currently pay, and it will go exclusively to the PCC.

Our first Sunday in the new location will be September 3rd.

The Pregnancy Care Center is located in south Springfield, on E Primrose, near Cox South. I realize that moving to Springfield is a significant change that impacts several families. This was a decision we put a lot of time and prayer into. Please pray with me that God will continue to guide us and that this change will only serve to better our opportunity to worship together and glorify Him.


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